Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We're not mature enough to meet aliens, or are they too mature to want to see us?

Meeting some Earthlings? Nah, thanks, I'll pass
Isn't it a young and stupid thing to assume that ETs want to meet us?

Just look around: lots of elderly humans here on Earth are no longer interested in meeting new people or seeing new things. They've seen enough, now all they want is to sit on their couch watching TV.

Millions-of-years-old alien civilizations might have become like those old-at-heart Earthlings. Meeting a dumb 200,000-years-young humanity is perhaps just a waste of time for them.

‘If we have a more global consciousness about our situation on the planet, how fragile the planet is, maybe that’s a step in the evolution of our consciousness as a species.

‘There could be other intelligent life out there and it could be really different from us physically, mentally, socially and even morally.

‘They could maybe not even be biological, they could be robots.

‘Right now I don’t think as a species we are ready. 

‘Of course some people are ready, but as a species I think it would be a big shock.'

My wild guess is that when we become mature enough to meet ETs, we won't be interested anymore.

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