THE DEMOGRAPHIC FATE OF intelligent SPECIES: Spain's population to drop by 11% by 2050

Friday, October 21, 2016

Spain's population to drop by 11% by 2050

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Without unexpected events, Spain is on course to lose 11% of its current population come the year 2050. In 34 years, its population will be much smaller and older. The Catholic family, full of kids, is no longer the rule in places like Spain or Italy. They now have, instead, among the lowest fertility rates on Earth.

Spain by 2050 will be a depopulated nation dominated by elderly and single people, according to a report that predicts the country will have lost 5.3 million inhabitants, or 11% of the current population, by the middle of the century.

Spain’s low birth rate and high life expectancy are seen as a demographic problem that the report, released by the national statistics office on Thursday, expects to become more entrenched.
While the fertility rate is predicted to rise slightly, from 1.33 to 1.38, births will fall overall because there will be fewer women of childbearing age. The average age at which Spanish women have their first child is expected to rise from 31.9 to 33 years.

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